Addtitans Digital aims to deliver the best quality Digital Solutions.

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Our mission is to use digital media & make your business appealing to audience. We help businesses stand out with awesome digital strategies. We provide everything you need to grow your business and get ahead of your competition online. We are a one stop web shop for your business.

Media buying

Media Buying

Get high volume of business through our campaigns and maximize the lifetime value of your customers, get best media slots and deals, effective media buying solutions, outstanding creativity, acquisition of media for the best spaces and slots, maximizing client profits.

Mobile Marketing

We higher the reach of your businesses by targeting audience on their mobile devices, providing effective marketing strategies, video campaigns, unique designs, attractive web pages, engaging users via acquisition, Targeting your desired audience on their mobile devices.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

We provide professional business strategies to grow your business reach, visibility on the right platforms, availability of extensive number of tools, widgets and simple banners to API's, 100% ROI enhancement , great lead generations and sales number.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We help in providing effective email marketing solutions, promotion of products and services of businesses, increase in sales generation with ROI enhancement and increased customer loyalty, we have various segments of customer preferences.

Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis

We help in integrating singular customer understanding and advanced analytics insights. We provide the campaign analysis of various campaigns CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPL (Cost Per Mile), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), CPR (Cost Per Registration).


Search Engine Optimization

Lead your site ranking with our SEO services, increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility, get organic results, increased lead generation, high positioning of most important keyword, increase in sales and secured social media solutions.